My little girl absolutely is in love with the movie Moana! I have probably seen it about 100 times. So for Halloween this year there will be a little Moana running around. So why not get in the spirit with these adorable little cupcakes. I am sure they will also be reapreaing at birthday party in the near future as well!


One dozen chocolate cupcakes, cooled down and ready for decorating

4 oz. Kelly green fondant

4 oz. pastel green fondant

Green decorating icing

1 stick butter, softened

2 cups icing sugar

4-5 tbsp milk

Blue gel food coloring


Make one dozen chocolate cupcakes, cooled down and ready for decorating.


Fold both of your fondants with one another, creating a marbled look. Separate them into 12 1 ½ inch spheres, taking care that they remain marbled (so don’t over-roll them).

Shape the fondant spheres into ovals, slightly flattened. With your decorating icing, draw a swirl in the middle of each one.

Using an electric mixer, beat butter, icing sugar and milk on medium speed. Add 2 drops of blue gel food coloring and increase the speed to high. Once ingredients are completely combined, use an offset spatula to frost each cupcake.

Place one fondant shape on each cupcake and enjoy!


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