the driving force behind Miss Pengwin’s Fitness.  I work in the realm of online digital services and am also a fitness coach.  First, though, I am a wife, mommy of two gorgeous kids, and a chronic illness warrior.

I am successful because I am driven and dedicated. Everything I do, I do for my family.  My husband and kids motivate me to continue my fitness journey and overall healthy lifestyle.  I love to swim, bike and hike. I live for the moments that I feel my heart pounding through a good workout, and I know the endorphins are coming and that I am helping to create, or even maintain, the healthiest version of myself for my family.

See, here’s the thing.  I will never take my family for granted.  At age 20, I was diagnosed with PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  I don’t know if you are familiar with PCOS, but it is a hormonal disorder that can lead to infertility amongst other things.  Fast forward a bit to 2012… I was prediabetic and lost weight so that my husband and I could begin family planning with the hope that the weight loss would lower the risk of me passing that along to our future child.  I was blessed with my son’s birth in 2012! Soon after, however, I began experiencing joint pain all over my body and intense, frequent migraines. Eventually, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and IBS. At this point, I was barely functioning, and in so much pain.  I began a strict, doctor-recommended diet to help combat both those issues. This was the point when I finally decided to change my lifestyle completely and lost 80 pounds. I call that time of my life, the beginning of my “No Kidding Lifestyle Change.” It was my dedication to my family that kept me on track during the toughest days.  
Fast forward again past a few hundred more diaper changes and sippy cup refills, and I approached my doctor about having another child.  I was told “no way” because of my health. That hit me really hard but rather than giving up, my husband I prayed together. We found a new medical team, who supported our decision and encouraged me despite my medical history, and our family grew again by two feet in 2017.  Just a few months after my daughter’s birth, again, I faced serious medical issues. This time; however, they were worse. I ended up in the Mayo Clinic for treatment. I am back though! Working hard, working out, living the healthiest, best lifestyle that I can for myself and my kiddos. I am now fifty pounds down and have not given up.  
Thinking back on my journey, I was able to change for all the right reasons.  Health, family, and learning to take care of myself are the awesome side effects that I have from my weight loss.  Because I tried every fad diet without success, I am determined to help you avoid making the same mistakes that I did.  It is also my goal that you never feel alone, anxious or frustrated like I did because I am here to help! I hope that you too achieve the healthiest, most beautiful, healthy version of yourself and I am here for you.  

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